SWCV Fact Sheets

This page last reviewed October 28, 2008

All presentations are provided in PDF format. 

Fact Sheets


Facts about the California Air Resources Board's Waste Collection Vehicle Regulation (PDF) Information on the SWCV regulation and how it applies to owners of solid waste collection vehicles or those diesel fueled trucks with model-year engines from 1960 to 2006 used to collect residential and commercial solid waste.
Background Information Information on ARB's mission through the SWCV regulation "To protect the health of Californians by retrofitting all in-use diesel engines in California with devices that reduce diesel particulate emissions to near zero, in the shortest possible time."
Consumer Fact Sheet: Reducing Pollution From California's Trash Trucks (PDF) Read about how trash collection trucks contribute significantly to the PM problem in residential communities and business districts on trash collection days and how ARB can help to reduce the pollution.
Health Effects of Particulate Matter and Ozone Air Pollution Read more about the health effects of particulate matter and ozone air pollution. Many Californians still breathe the worst air in the nation.
Verification Q&A (PDF) Information on the warranty and consumer protection information relating to diesel emission control strategies for regulated vehicles.
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